Is The Cake Really A Lie? Custom Portal Style Bedroom!

The cake is a lie! Or so that is what we found out from playing the Portal series. It takes a die hard Portals fan to design a bedroom, at least I think so. Today I was able to find just that, an bedroom that has been customized to look like a room straight out of the Portal franchise.

We do it all in the name of science.

Interior designer ljraider17 is apparently a die hard gamer, as well as an artist. Not everyone will take you into their bedroom, a place of privacy for most. Lucky for us we have been given a special portal in which we are able to view this terrific design. Today I found this most impressive work via a facebook posting from Portal, I then went on to view more photographs of the designs. I only picked out 4 photos to show with you, all four are panoramic views two that are lighted, and two that are while it is dark. These photographs show off the epic detail that this person put into their special place.

You might have a bland bedroom, something that is boring and simple, and you might be fine with that, others carefully and meticulously plan out how their bedroom will look. For most people their bedroom is a safe haven, a place to get away from it all. A place that many of us spend the most time, though most of it we are probably sleeping, it should be a stress free environment.

Title Photograph courtesy of Donsolo

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Don’t forget to check out the Source for all of the photographs.