Is Google Messing With Your Shopping Search Results?

by - 8 years ago

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Do you use Google as your default search engine? You do? Have you ever thought that everything you read, stumble upon or even buy are just imposed on you? Well, it might be true! At least according to the EU’s antitrust commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, who plans on fining the search giant for its manipulative approach.

Vestager seems to be convinced that Google is intentionally manipulating search results to redirect and serve its own interest rather than give back relevant search results that users seek when they use the search giant. To make things clear, the EU is not interested in the company revealing its secret search algorithm, but wants to make sure people get what want, not what they are fed.

“We don’t want to interfere with screen design, how things are presented on the screen as such or the algorithm. What we are concerned about is that people see the most relevant shopping results,” Vestager stated.

There have been some allegations that Google is on the anti-competitive run with its Android operating system as well, but the EU is more focused on its search engine due to the fact that it received a formal complaint regarding the accusations.

“Smartphones, tablets and similar devices play an increasing role in many people’s daily lives and I want to make sure the markets in this area can flourish without anticompetitive constraints imposed by any company,” said Vestager.

Google apparently finds this as “very disappointing news” and is now seeking to reassure the antitrust commission it is within legal boundaries with its operations. But let’s think about it, Google really reached a position where it can even dictate how people think or feel everyday. I mean, what’s the first page loaded by every browser nowadays? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with G and ends with E and sometimes it drops on you when you hit this link.

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7 Comments on Is Google Messing With Your Shopping Search Results?

  • I know Google mess with search engine that what we want to look for something.

    My homepage is Ixquick right now since March 31, 2012. I no longer use Google homepage anymore. Because I found nasty news about Google is to collect our privacy, IP addresses, personal, email, etc are illegal.

    Ixquick still rocks forever and never look back to Google period! Google sucks big time!

    I love Ixquick forever and never gave me any problems!

    I live in USA and I love Europe (That is where Ixquick is location in it) too!

    Long time ago, my family was born in Europe, that what my mom told me. Europe is my favorite all times!

  • Avatar Ben says:

    To be honest I don’t really care if Google switch around my shopping results a little. They still provide the best service (imo), and I quite like their products anyway.

    This ‘Margrethe Vestager’ should tone it down a little, and stop trying to score a quick buck. I know Google do some pretty shifty things, like evading tax and such, and we should fix that, but this is just a petty lawsuit.

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