Irish Netflix Users Warned of Growing Phishing Security Issues

Netflix users in Ireland have been warned of a phishing scam that asks users to update their payment information or their accounts will be suspended.  There are around 175,000 Irish Netflix users, and it’s unknown how many customers received the phishing email.

If users click on the fraudulent link, they are taken to dummy page that requires financial information to be entered.

Here is what Ronan Murphy, IT security firm, said in a recent statement:

“Phishing scams like the Netflix one, pray on people’s tendency to trust the authenticity of message and the company logo.  Once the criminals carrying out the scam have collected enough information from the unsuspecting victims, they can use it for credit card fraud or identity theft.  As a general rule, one should always be wary of any unsolicited emails or messages looking for your personal information or credit card details, no matter how genuine they look.”

Murphy said users should immediately delete the email – and shouldn’t provide any financial details if they did click the link.  Netflix subscribers with any account questions should contact Netflix directly: 0843 506 9267 or

Phishing remains a serious threat to Internet users, with security specialists warning everyone to be careful on emails they open, links that are clicked, and to be careful not to provide any personal or payment information to suspicious websites.  If in doubt, contact the company or bank directly to resolve any problems.

Thank you Irish Times for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Digital TV Europe