Iraq Prevents Exam Cheating by Cutting the Entire Internet

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There are many ways to prevent cheating in exams, there is the honour system, extra checks, and verifications – or you can go all out like Iraq did last week where it cut off the internet for the entire country for a couple of hours.

What first looked like something that is reminiscent of censorship in the Islamic state, that wasn’t the case according to Dyn Research. Their data showed that the data streams were interrupted between 5:00 and 8:00. The simple answer to why this happened is cheat prevention.

The nationwide school enrollment tests were going on at that time and the internet cut-off was simply to prevent sharing of the papers. The test is crucial for the continued education and thereby a position in the country which highly increases the incentive to cheat, and the simple way to prevent modern cheating is to simply disable the methods of doing so.

It certainly is an effective way of doing so but is it also the right one? What do you think? Is this maybe a method we should start applying in our parts of the world too or is that just taking it all a step too far? Let us know in the comments.

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1 Comment on Iraq Prevents Exam Cheating by Cutting the Entire Internet

  • Avatar iqiqiq says:

    My country will never recover, all sane people are trying to migrate.
    Cutting Internet is nothing compared to all the killings and horrible things that happen here.

    I work as an ISP in Baghdad and cutting the internet from dawn to the beginning of morning is not affecting people who have real lives.

    Nobody uses the internet to study here. Studying material has not been updated for years and highly outdated. Maybe only 5% of the people are using internet for productivity. The rest is unfortunately shear fun, social networks and porn…
    I’m sorry to say this but this article is not worth troubling the readers over it.

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