iPhone 6S Revamps Internals but Leaves Shell Untouched

A source close to Apple has revealed new details about the rumoured new iPhone 6S and it’s larger sibling. This time, the source was able to provide images for the new phone to 9to5mac. As expected from previous transitions like the iPhone 4 to the 4S and the iPhone 5 to the 5S, most changes are internal or largely unnoticeable.

Starting from thickness and width, you will be hard pressed to notice any differences with the naked eye. Port locations and external features also remain the same with the buttons, speaker grill, microphone,  headphone port and charging port taking their familiar places. A patent had earlier suggested that Apple was moving to remove the antenna lines though it doesn’t look like the process made it in time for the iPhone 6S. A dual-lens camera also didn’t make the cut given the cutouts on the back for the camera.

Going inside, the internal mounting structure has changed, putting it in line with previous logic board leaks. While not confirmed by this leak, suggestions are that the new iPhone will be powered by the new A9 SoC being manufactured by Samsung and TSMC right now. In some sense, the lack of externally visible changes keeps in line with the Apple trend and honestly, absent a major form factor change, there isn’t a need to push out a new shell every year.

Thank you 9to5mac for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of 9to5mac