iPhone 6 Sales Over Triple iPhone 6 Plus in the US

Over the last 30 days, Americans have voted with their wallets – showing that they find the iPhone 6 much more favorable to their needs. Apple’s iPhone 6 has amounted for 68% of total iPhone sales in the US, when compared to the iPhone 6 Plus sitting at 23% – with the remaining 9% being split throughout the iPhone 5c and 5s.

Comparing this to the iPhone 5 release, the iPhone 5c and 5s amounted for a total of 84% of iPhone sales, compared to the 6 release sitting at 91% – this goes to show that the iPhone 6 is a seemingly more worthy upgrade than Apples previous product release.

So why is the iPhone 6 almost 3 times popular than the iPhone 6 Plus? A few possibilities include the release price of the 6 Plus being likely to set you back a few extra hundred dollars, there was the major recent PR disaster of their iBend fiasco – seeing this premium device bend slightly in users pockets.

This latest gen release also saw Apple do away with their 32GB models – only providing 16, 64 and 128GB options into the market. According to market analyzers, this has drawn more people to spend a little extra coin on the 64GB editions and driving up a bit of extra profit for apple.

We’ve been told however that it’s a little hard to tell exactly what consumer demand is for the 6 Plus as there has been some supply issues worldwide. We might see these numbers become a little more even once this issue is fixed.

What’s your opinions on the 6 vs. the 6 Plus, is it worth the extra investment?

Image courtesy of Chiphell