iPhone 6 Leaked Images Appear Confirming Bigger Size Device

More rumors surrounding the latest iteration from Apple in their iPhone lineup shows a Chinese forum with leaked images of the front panel of the phone and a molding of the device. No details have surfaced with the pictures other than the following translation:

“has always been to cover structural design drawings or leaked before the iPhone 6 icons, of course, this is already sufficient to prove 4.7 inches of news, but things have not finished, there are 6 iPhone front glass image appears. This picture is taken at the factory site, we can see that the iPhone 6 While the white panel screen than the iPhone 5S big a circle, but on a straight plane, opening and overall shape does not seem to change much, watching Figure:”

The translated text tells us that the iPhone 6 pictures were taken at the factory site, but from the background, looks more like a derelict factory building.

The below picture shows the size different between the previous generation iPhone, confirming rumors of a larger device in the iPhone 6.

Thank you to jiyouhui.it168 for providing this information.

Images courtesy of jiyouhui.it168