iPhone 6 Design Rumored To Be Finalized, Will Included Bigger Display?

It seems with every new year there are new rumors about what the next iPhone will be like. There has been plenty of rumors floating around recently and while nothing will be set in stone until Apple makes its announcement about the iPhone 6 there are several reliable sources that in the past have been close to accurate with their information about the upcoming release of the latest iPhone. It looks like, according to these numerous sources that we will be getting two new iPhone models in 2014, these will be an iPhone 6 and a new larger iPhone with a display that will be a mix in size between phone and tablet more commonly known as a phablet. While the debate about what size each of the new iPhones will be it seems a new report has come out claiming that the iPhone 6 design has now been finalized.

Several sources have all claimed to have insider knowledge these being DisplaySearch, Respected Apple analyst Peter Misek and KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo. Display search are saying that the new iPhone 6 display will have a 4.7 inch screen with a 1,600 x 900 pixel resolution, while Apple analyst Peter Misek say it will have a 4.8 inch display. However Ming-chi Kuo from KGI Securities who has had without a doubt the best track record when it comes to Apple’s plans would only say that the display on Apple’s new iPhone 6 would be between 4.5 and 5 inches.

While all this is speculation one thing that we can be sure of is that what ever the size of the display being used in the iPhone 6 is, it seems Apple have already finalized it. This news comes from Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri. This information came from a note to clients on Wednesday that was picked up by Apple Insider, with Arcuri stating that the iPhone 6’s design has been locked down and will have a 4.8 inch display.

For a complete list of features in the new iPhone 6 we’ll have to wait until it’s launch which should be fall this year, although there is speculation that the iPhone will debut this summer at Apple’s annual WWDC conference.

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Image courtesy of BGR