iPad Mini 2 rumours already circulating

Though the iPad mini has been on sale for only a few days, rumours are already circulating about its replacement.

The story goes that the iPad mini 2 will have an even sharper display of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels packed into the same 7.9-inch space.

That is the same resolution as the grownup iPad 4 with Retina display, and the next mini should either have that Retina tech or something similar.

Since the mini is much smaller, it means even more pixels can be cramped into every inch; the mini 2 is said to have a crisp 324 ppi density.

Upping the screen resolution isn’t the most surprising upgrade for the potential iPad mini 2.

The biggest criticism of the current iPad mini so far is its 1,024 x 768 resolution. Critics wonder why a Retina display wasn’t incorporated into the first iPad mini to begin with.

Cynics will say Apple went with a lower resolution so it had some low hanging fruit to grab for the next upgrade. Production problems surrounding the iPad mini might also be the culprit.

Source: TechRadar