iOS 9 Upgrade Will Help If You Don’t Have Enough Room For The Update

Smartphones run on a variety of operating systems, with iOS and Android being among the most common. So those of you with iPhones will be happy to hear that the iOS users can now opt to be part of the iOS 9 Beta 2 update.

When they released the iOS 8.0, users were plagued with problems due to the updates size. iOS 8.0 required a 1.6GB download, before taking up 5.8GB of memory. With some iPhones using only 16GB of memory, users were often forced to delete their app’s. photos or music. The alternative would be to plug the devices into your PC/Mac, but this would only save you the 1.6GB download size.

Possibly to help combat this issue, users have found that installing the latest iOs 9 beta will allow users to temporarily delete app’s if their device doesn’t have enough memory for the installation. The overall size of the latest version is 1.3GB for the download and 4.3GB installation space. With a smaller download and installation footprint, combined with the ability to remove apps temporarily to help free up the space needed for the installation, it’s looking like iPhone users will be able to upgrade to the latest version when it’s fully released with very little difficulty (while keeping all their music and photos).

Are you an iPhone User? Did you have trouble with the iOS 8.0 update, and if so, what would these fixes mean for you?

Thank you Engadget for the information and the image.