iOS 9 ‘Slide to Upgrade’ Bug is Bricking Apple Devices

The latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system has received a number of complaints from users during the upgrade process. Essentially, iOS 9 suffers from a major glitch mid-way through the update and can cause Apple devices to lock up. Any iPhone or iPad has to be forcibly reset to factory settings and re-attempt the upgrade procedure. Unfortunately, this means all of the user-data will be unrecoverable which is bound to annoy even the most devoted of Apple fans.

One reader told The Register:

“I have just updated my iPad to iOS 9 and found to my horror that once it has ‘successfully’ installed and then gone through the initial setup phase, I cannot progress past the second request to ‘slide to upgrade’ page.”

“The setup order is ‘passcode’ – ‘slide to upgrade’ – ‘select Wi-Fi’ – ‘slide to upgrade’ at which point no further actions are possible.”

I’ve also witnessed first-hand reports from Apple customers who are unable to even begin the update process and greeted with technical errors. Supposedly, the problems occur when updating from iOS 7 to iOS 9. From a PR perspective, this is fairly terrible news for Apple given the record-breaking sales of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Thank you The Register for providing us with this information.