InWin Presents NUC and SFF Cases at Computex 2015

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InWin NUCs 6

Computex 2015 – InWin is well known for their unique PC chassis designs, but this time they took their design ideas and shrunk it down to be used with Intel’s NUC systems and mITX form factors.

InWin NUCs 3

On display were a lot of small cases, perfect for the space-conscious user, living room, or small office as they still offer plenty of features.

InWin NUCs 2

The outside of a case is just one part, the insides have to match. InWin has a list of modules available that include dual and quad LAN adapters with Power over Ethernet PoE support, Serial and Parallel ports.

InWin NUCs 1

Some systems come pre-equipped with Intel NUC board such as the K3-3Gen Broadwell system. A common feature for all the small cases on display is that they’re all standing vertically for the smallest footprint possible.

InWin NUCs 5

InWin NUCs 4

InWin’s Ultratop cases aren’t just available pre-equipped with NUCs, they also come as bare systems, allowing you the choice on what board to put inside.

InWin NUCs 8

Just because something is small, doesn’t mean that you can’t connect plenty of devices to them.

InWin NUCs 7

Despite the small size, you can still fit 2.5-inch drives into the cases and they come with plenty of USB ports, WiFi, and Bluetooth as well.

InWin NUCs 9

InWin NUCs 10

Power over Ethernet is an amazing feature. You do not need to have a dedicated power supply as these low power units can get enough electricity to run on just the power that’s provided through your ethernet cable, that is if you have a PoE infrastructure. It is one of those things that has to be experienced in real life before you realise just how great this is.

InWin NUCs 11

InWin NUCs 12

Stay tuned for more news and product reveals directly from Computex in Taipei.

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