InWin G7 Mid Tower Chassis Review

It took around 25 minutes to install our test components into the G7, which is about average for a mid tower build and overall I think the end result looks clean and tidy. Sure you can see a bunch of cables stuffed behind the HDD bays, but given this chassis has no side panel window, cable management is serving the purpose of improving airflow, not aesthetics. I was hoping to mount our Corsair H80i in the top of the chassis, but the mounts on this case don’t support such things, it did however fit nicely on the rear 120mm fan mount in a push / pull configuration and for a chassis of this size, that’s more than enough  cooling.

The chassis was just big enough for the cooler water pipes to fit comfortably, even a centimeter shorter and things would have been difficult here, but this is a large CPU cooler and radiator, so that’s hardly surprising. There’s plenty of room for our GPU to breath too and more than enough room here for a 2 x SLI of Crossfire configuration.

Our Kingston SSD is sat nicely in the bottom bay but obviously there is plenty more room for extra HDD’s here.