InWin G7 Mid Tower Chassis Review

The motherboard mounting plate comes fitted with raised mounts, meaning you won’t need to install standoff screws to install a motherboard and a good size CPU cooler cut-out and some cable management holes should help make the rest of the installation process fairly easy too.

In the back we have a bottom mounted PSU area which comes with two rails that will raise the PSU from the air filter, providing better clearance, airflow and hopefully a little vibration reduction too.

There are 3 x 5.25″ drive bays with quick release clips and a pair of semi modular HDD bays, with 6 slide out trays in total, each capable of supporting 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives. There’s plenty of ventilation here too, which should allow for airflow from the front fans to your GPU / CPU.

Around the back we can see there are a fair few pre-installed cables, these are for the USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and SATA ports on the front panel, as well as the 2 speed fan controller. You can also better see that the bottom of the motherboard tray is cut away, allowing lots of room for cable management.

There is only 1cm clearance behind the motherboard, but that’s doubled thanks to a 1mm raised section on the right side panel.

Finally we see the top of the chassis, with support from a 120mm fan, which can be quickly installed thanks to the clip-in mounts that don’t require screws.