InWin 909 E-ATX Aluminium & Tempered Glass Chassis Review

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Final Thoughts


If your wallet isn’t already hiding in the corner for you even thinking about buying the InWin 909, you’ll be able to find this masterpiece of aluminum and tempered glass at many popular retailers. Overclockers UK have it available for £329.99 for the silver edition and £329.99 again for the black model (which we reviewed today).


Let’s get the big one out of the way first, the price. This is one of the more expensive chassis models we’ve ever reviewed and that’s not something you can take lightly as it is obviously out of reach of many consumers. However, when you look at what this chassis is designed to handle, such as an E-ATX motherboard, multiple high-end graphics cards, water cooling and more, the InWin 909 is still likely to be the cheapest component of the kind of build that can do it justice, so it’s all relative really.

The investment isn’t just a big number plucked out of the air either. This chassis could be a heck of a lot cheaper if it used steel and plastic for its construction, but it would lose its entire purpose if it had. The premium price it commands means you’re getting thick brushed aluminum for the main chassis construction, and that alone doesn’t come cheap, but is certainly worthy of the investment. Add to that two huge tempered and tinted side panel windows to finish off the design and it’s easy to understand where your money is going; premium built quality both inside and out.

Capable of housing all your high-end hardware desires, as well as presenting them in a rather unique and functional form, the InWin 909 ticks all the right boxes for those who want a system that will turn the head of anyone who walks past it. It does take a bit of time to get things installed and keep that cable routing nice and tidy, but it’s hardly designed for those looking for a quick build time. The more effort you put in, the more you will get out here and that’s no bad thing in the end.

While it may be a little big for most people’s desks, having this up on display to show off your latest hardware purchases is going to be really special and it’s by far on the of the best and most practically usable high-end chassis InWin have made in recent years. Despite a few minor flaws, this is still worthy of an Editors Choice award, but we would love to see even better/cleaner cable routing solutions integrated for future InWin chassis designs.


  • Class-leading build quality
  • Premium grade components and materials throughout
  • Water cooling support
  • Dust filters
  • 10 storage bays
  • Multi-compartment design
  • Easy to use (despite its large size)
  • Subtle and tasteful LED lighting
  • USB 3.1 Type-C
  • Extensive component support


  • Cable routing can be tricky, but isn’t impossible
  • Some cable routing cut-outs could be better placed
  • Low-down I/O panel is awkward to access unless chassis is placed up on your desktop
  • Length of chassis could be tricky to accommodate


  • Price, it’s obviously a lot of money, but it’s all relative to the application and quality of this type of chassis

“The InWin 909 is focused on extreme-performance/enthusiast grade system builds. Equipped with all the room you need for the best components money can buy while displaying them in a unique and stylish chassis that has some of the finest build quality and aesthetics on the market today.”

InWin 909 E-ATX Aluminium & Tempered Glass Chassis Review

InWin 909 E-ATX Aluminium & Tempered Glass Chassis Review

Thank you InWin for providing us with this sample.

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