InWin 909 E-ATX Aluminium & Tempered Glass Chassis Review

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With that epic-sized glass side panel removed, we can see just how spacious the interior of the InWin 909 really is; you can also see a nice reflection of my legs, woo-hoo! There’s an awful lot going on here, with a compartment at the top for storage, the motherboard compartment below that, a rear I/O and cooling installation compartment at the back, and another for the PSU below that. The motherboard area is littered with cutouts for cable routing, cooler installation and more, which should help speed up the process of building your system.


The PSU mounts in the bottom left, and must be mounted with the fan facing upwards to ensure it gets the airflow that it requires.


Above the PSU, there’s a large cut-out allowing direct cable pass-through to the motherboard compartment, however, there is also a cut-out at the back to pass cables behind the motherboard, giving you plenty of routing options for your build.


At the bottom of the motherboard, there is a large dust filter and two removable cooler mounting brackets for quick and easy installation/maintenance.


Below that, you can pull out a magnetic dust filter, which is accessible with the glass side panel in place.


There are two back panels to the 909, the semi-internal one with the motherboard I/O a cooler mount and the expansion slots, while a second one as a sort of stylish cover, which also has support for radiators, allowing you to expand the cooling, but still maintain a relatively clean look for the chassis, even when viewed from the rear; this plays no small part in the significant length of the chassis overall.


Here you can see the side panel mounts, which are mounted onto the extremely durable internal frame of the chassis and come covered with a thick and durable rubber coating to ensure the glass isn’t damaged when being mounted or removed.


There are four removable hard drive trays at the top, each with support for 3.5″ drives (tool-free) or 2.5″ drives using the included screws.


The trays can be removed for easy access and you’ll find rubber grommets for the tool-free 3.5″ mounts, helping reduce vibration to/from the drives.


In the front, two more quick-release cooling mounts with another dust filter behind them.


Just give the screw a quick twist, and the whole bracket lifts out for easy installations.


Each of the brackets on the interior of the chassis comes with support for 120mm and 140mm fan/radiator spacings.


All the interior cables are finished with black braiding or black plastic, meaning they’ll easily blend into your build while large cable routing cut-outs ensure you can get your cables where you need them and out of the way of where you don’t want them easily enough.


There’s loads of room to be found behind the motherboard, and a good few places to help you tie down any excess cable.


If the 3.5″ drive trays weren’t enough for you, you’ll find a rather impressive 6 x 2.5″ drive bay mounts here, giving you a total of 10 drive bays.


Some nicely placed cut-outs to pass cables to the top hard drive bays. That’s everything the 909 has to offer, let’s get a few components in there and see how it looks!


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