Introducing Xiaomi’s MI3, the ‘fastest smartphone ever’

It’s not been long since Hugo Barra, former Vice President of Global for Google, teamed up with Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi and already, the first smartphone is announced to roll out soon.  The new MI3 smartphone will be released in two variants, the first is a WCDMA model, with the second being a CDMA2000 model. These two models will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, with four cores clocked at 2.3 GHz each.

The TD-SCDMA version has been reported to run on an NVIDIA Tegra 4 SoC, having all variations of the MI3 featuring 2GB of RAM. But when Xiaomi’s claim “the fastest smartphone ever” it is referring to the MSM8974AB model which features the Snapdragon CPU, boosting the clock speeds for the memory interface and Adreno 330 GPU.

All MI3 models feature a 5-inch 1080p LG-supplied display, 13-mega pixel rear-facing from Sony, and a non-removable  3050mAh battery. There is also a wide range of colours it will be shipped in: black, white, pink, yellow and blue, but the most amazing aspect is that it’s only 8.1 mm thick.

The Xiaomi MI3 will feature the MIUI 5 operating system, a modified version of Android 4.1, which features Xiaomi’s infrastructure and replaces the Google Play Store. The MI3 is priced at just $327 (around £204) for the 16GB version, and $408 (around £255) for the 64GB version. Sadly the MI3 is limited to the Chinese market, whereas if it would be available worldwide, the MI3 could have competed with the latest Apple, Android and Windows Phone 8 smartphones on the market.

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Images courtesy of TweakTown.