Intel to launch 10W Celeron 807UE

Intel has been squeezing its Sandy Bridge architecture for the most power efficient chips it can get. Intel has probably reached the barrier on “acceptable” performance levels now with the 10W Celeron 807UE. The Celeron 807UE packs only a single 32nm Sandy Bridge core with just 1MB of L3 cache. With only 1GHz of processing power the Celeron 807UE will be by far the slowest Sandy Bridge processor made but being within a thermal envelope of 10W it certainly has an outright monopoly in the Ultra low power segment.

This Celeron isn’t a desktop processor, it uses a BGA socket which is for mobile processors and consequently it has less pins than Sandy Bridge as it uses less bandwidth. It will support Intel 64 and VT-x virtualization. Surprisingly the 10W processor also packs Intel HD Graphics with a base frequency of 350MHz and Turbo frequency of 800MHz which is impressive given the 10W envelope it has. It will probably have a 1000K quantity price of about $100 per unit so expect it to start showing up soon in ultra low power mobile devices like compact netbooks or tablets in the near future.

Source: CPU World