Intel Team up with Fossil to Create Wearables

Wearables are the new big thing and everyone wants to be part of it. We’ve seen the watched from all the large technology companies presented, and Intel doesn’t want to be left back in that race. They announced on Friday that they would enter the a partnership with the accessory creator Fossil to further develop wearable technology for the fashion industry.

In the joint statement the two companies said they would team up “to identify, support and develop emerging trends in the wearable technology space” while they “work together on emerging products and technologies that will be developed for the fashion-oriented consumer.”

With Fossils 30 year of experience in wearables like watches, jewellery and wallets and Intel’s advances in small technology, this could bring on some cool new smart products and wearable that would appeal more to the average consumer then the current, not so pretty, smart watches. As it is now, it’s just technology that is wearable, not really integrated.

There aren’t any products planned yet, at least no specifics were mentioned and they also left the exit door open with the Safe Harbour clause. It’s a forward looking statement and should be treated as such, but I doubt Intel would make an announcement like this without being sure of their game plan.

Thank you Reuters for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Fossil.