Intel Skylake Said to Have Support for Both DDR3 and DDR4

Some leaked pictures of Intel’s Skylake mini-ITX boards have indicated a significant feature. The board might have support for both DDR3 and DDR4 memory modules.

First spotted by Bits ‘n Chips, Intel’s board might be a good option for easing the transition between the cheaper DDR3 and the “soon-to-be-cheaper” DDR4 memory technologies. WCCF also explains that Intel might be planning to implement this by using Double IMC on the processors rather than offering SKUs with DDR3 and others with DDR4.

Intel predicts that DDR4 prices will remain high, so as demand for Skylake processors. Although the company encourages customers to switch to DDR4, the board would also provide an alternative for people who would rather stick with DDR3 and focus more on upgrading to the new micro-architecture.

DDR4 not only offers faster RAM memory with double the density, but it also achieves this at a lower power consumption rate. The modules have the ability to be clocked at 3200 MHz and require just 1.2V power to operate, having CAS latency varying from 9 to 24 and a density increase of 8GB at 16 banks.

Thank you WCCF for providing us with this information