Intel Skylake K-Series Will Ship Without the Boxed Cooler

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Intel Skylake CPU

Intel has geared up and is almost ready with their latest desktop processors from the Skylake family and we know quite a bit about the processors already. The latest news on this front is for those who plan to buy one of the unlocked 14nm CPUs, namely the Core i5-6600K and Core i7-6700k, as they will be shipped without their own cooling solution.

Most enthusiasts and people who buy overclockable processors won’t be using the stock cooling solution anyway. While it isn’t bad, it’s just about enough for the processor. Third party aftermarket coolers are the solution and it is also what Intel recommends for these new Skylake processors.

Intel might be shipping these processors without a cooling solution and recommending a third-party cooler, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t offering one themselves, or actually two. There will be both an air cooler as well as an all-in-one liquid cooler, both with a TDW of 130W.


The new Skylake CPUs are expected to launch at the time of Gamescom 2015 according to DigiTimes, which starts on the 5th of August. Below is a chart of the expected lineup but it has to be noted that they’re also expected to support DDR3 memory and not just DDR4. Which you can use will depend on the motherboard you choose.

intel skylake chart

It is doubtful that the price reduction due to the boxed cooler will make up what you pay for a third-party solution or Intel’s own new coolers, but there will be savings and we can stop building forts with the stacks of unused Intel coolers.

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