Intel Released DC S3710 and S3610 Series Enterprise SSDs

Intel has announced the availability of the new Intel SSD DC S3710 Series and the Intel SSD DC S3610 Series solid state drives for enterprise environments, although no one ever said they have to be exclusively used there. The new generation is using 20nm NAND flash over the 25nm used in the previous generation as well as sporting capacities up to 1.6TB.

The new S3710 can reach sequential transfer speeds up to 550MB/s reading and up to 520MB/s writing. The sustained write performance reached 85K IOPS reading and 45K IOPS writing. That is up to 25% more performance than the previous generation. Endurance is covered well with up to 10 full drive writes per day for five years. That’s 24.3PB for the 1.2TB drive, in case you wonder.

The S3610 is more of a mid-ranged drive that’s only rated to 3 full drive writes per day. The sequential speeds are about the same as the big brother, but random writes only reach 28K IOPS. Quite a lot less, but still a great drive. In return, this drive is available with up to 1.6TB vs the maximum of 1.2TB for the big brother.

Both drives come with a warranty period of five years and a failure rate of 0.44% annualized. The S3710 will cost you around $1.55 per GB while the S3610 only costs around $1.06 per GB.

Looking at the charts provided, we also see that Intel is planning to release a 1.8″ microSATA version of the S3610 drive, perfect for those portable workstations.

Thanks to Intel for providing us with this information