Intel Posts Impressive Financial Q3 Results

Intel has reported a total revenue of $14.5 billion in Q3 of this year and gross margin reaching 63%. The revenue is up 10% compared the last quarter, and the gross margin increased by 0.5 point. Furthermore,  the company procured $5.7 billion in cash from operations, paid $1.1 billion dividends and offset $1 billion to repurchase 36 million shares of stock. This is impressive given the current economic situation and demonstrates Intel’s strong position in the technology sector.

In the last decade, Intel has dominated the enthusiast CPU market and continues to be the choice for workstations and high-end machines. However, AMD’s upcoming Zen architecture could shake things up and cause a pricing war on powerful chips. Sadly, AMD’s financial position isn’t very strong and key staff members are leaving on a regular basis. Intel’s position is similar to an oligopoly as AMD tries to entice more mainstream consumers to opt for APUs.

Intel has also been working hard to improve their mobile CPUs, and embedded graphics solutions. The company’s current focus is still on engineering more efficient CPUs instead of resorting to large power demands. Whatever the case, Intel is doing quite well from a business standpoint, and looks set to weather any financial storm.

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