Intel Introduced Impressive 750 Series SSD

Last week we saw that Intel was building up to reveal the newest SSD that should “shake up the market“. Based on the information provided, I guessed on a cheaper and consumer variant of the enterprise-class P3700 drive, and I was right. The new series of drives from Intel is dubbed the SSD 750 series and brings along impressive transfer speeds thanks to the use of NVMe over SATA.

Most previous released PCIe SSDs for the consumer were only running on two PCIe lanes and SATA-based drives have their natural speed limitation. The new Intel SSD 750 drive is using 4 PCIe lanes and can hit 2.4GB/sec for sequential reads and 1.2GB/sec for sequential write throughput. You’ll need to have enough PCIe lanes at your disposal for the full speed and here the X99 platform is especially suited with enough PCIe lanes for multiple GPUs next to the SSD without bottlenecking the CPU. The 4K random read and write IOPS are listed as 440K and 290K respectively, which blows anything we’ve ever tested completely away; impressive.

The Intel SSD 750 series comes with a 5 year limited warranty, an endurance rating of 70GB writes per day and a total of 219TB written, and a 1.2 million hour mean time between failures. Amazon lists the drives with stock arriving on May 2, 2015. The 400GB is listed for $488.00 and the 1.2TB for $1243.00; not cheap, not expensive either considering the performance.

Source: Intel