Intel Bay Trail 30% Faster Than Best Snapdragon ARM SoCs

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The latest benchmarks have come out revealing the performance of Intel’s Silvermont smartphone/tablet processor. This dual core x86 processor from Intel is around 30% faster than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3GHz – and given that is the fastest ARM chip on the market this is a large blow for ARM and an even bigger blow seeing as the Intel CPU was running at just 1.1GHz.


An early production sample of Intel’s Bay Trail managed to score an impressive 43,416 which is much faster than the 25000-30000 we normally see on ARM Snapdragon 800 quad core parts, additionally it also runs lighten on the power consumption. Bay Trail-T is the platform of the Silvermont processors and Intel is claiming that its 22nm based Silvermont architecture is capable of 3X the performance of the Medfield/Clover Trail platform with 5X less power usage. Some of the features of Silvermont are borrowed from Westmere (a desktop CPU design) and they include out-of-order execution, more efficient branch processing and prediction, and faster recovery from pipeline collisions/crashes.

When the final Bay Trail-T SoC platform ships in commercial devices such as tablets and smartphones we could see clock speeds up to 2.1GHz which would suggest an AnTuTu score of up to 90,000 almost three times that of the Snapdragon 800. Only time will tell if this performance actually translates, but let’s wait and see because things could get very interesting if these new parts from Intel are competitive on power consumption.

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  • Avatar Wayne says:

    It all sounds well & good. We’ll just have to wait till it gets chucked in our faces to really see.

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