Instrument 1, a Whole Band in One Device, Hits Kickstarter Target

Artiphon impressed so much with its multi-instrument at CES 2013 that the device, Instrument 1, hit its Kickstarter goal within six hours of its launch. At the time of writing, its $75,000 target had been more than doubled after just one day, raising $162,000.

Instrument 1 is electronic music device that can sound like any instrument imaginable. Theoretically, the possibilities are limitless: using MIDI technology through a smart device interface running the accompanying app or on-board presets, Instrument 1 can electronically imitate a guitar, violin, piano, or even drums.

The body of the device is shaped similar to a guitar neck, with an analogue switch fret board, flap-like strummers, speaker and volume knob. Though it should appeal to musicians, Artiphon has also included an automated mode for novices to create music without knowing how to play an instrument.

Instrument 1 will be available in black and white for $349, with a premium, wood-backed version costing $899. Artiphon aim to start shipping units in June 2015.

Source: The Verge