Inno3D iChiLL GTX 670 HerculeZ 3000 Edition 2GB Graphics Card Review

Measuring temperatures is all about being consitent, therefore we keep a steady eye on monitoring the ambient room temperature to make sure that it stays the same. While this is constantly being monitored, we measure the idle temperature of the card using HWMonitor over a 15 minute period. Once this has been recorded, we set FurMark into motion for 15 minutes and record the results again.

The temperatures shown in the graph above, really do all of the talking for me. You can see that at idle and load, the temperatures were the lowest we’ve ever had with 30 degrees at idle and an amazingly low 59 degrees at load. We can see that the custom cooler with triple fan design is clearly doing what it’s meant to by keeping the card cool as a cucumber.