Inno3D GTX 980Ti iChill Black Graphics Card Review

Metro Last Light

Recent driver updates from both AMD and NVIDIA have dramatically improved the minimum frame-rate across various price tiers in Metro Last Light. At 1080P, the graphics card reports a solid 38 frames-per-second minimum, and provides a stellar experience for high-refresh gaming. While the minimum rates might look a little concerning at first, you have to remember this is during the worst possible scenario, and you shouldn’t encounter major frame-dips very often.

Increasing the resolution to 2560×1440 doesn’t impact too heavily on the frame-rate and the GPU continues to uphold a very consistent result.

During 4K testing, the graphics card like competing solutions, struggles to maintain 60 frames-per-second using Metro Last Light’s Very High preset. However, this is easily resolved with a few minor tweaks in the options menu and should dramatically increase the average frame-rate beyond 60.