Inno3D GeForce GTX 980Ti X3 Ultra DHS Graphics Card Review

Overclocking and Overclocked Performance

Overclocking the GPU via MSI Afterburner was remarkably straight forward and I managed to increase the memory to 8100MHz from the stock value of 7280MHz. Furthermore, adding 87mv of voltage and 55MHZ to the core enabled the graphics card to utilize a boost between 1497MHz and 1510MHz. Please remember that the card already comes with an impressive factory overclock, so it’s great to see some headroom to push it even further.

3DMark Fire Strike

Unlike our previous testing procedure, we’ve decided to compare overclocked results to provide a better indication of the performance differences when GPUs are on the absolute limit. Once the overclocked was applied, we can see an incredible Graphics score which surpasses 20000 and forges miles ahead of an overclocked reference GTX 980Ti.

During 1440P testing, the GPU almost reached a Graphics score of 10000, and proved to be a great overclocker.

There’s also a new record set for 4K performance which illustrates the GPU’s abilities in synthetic benchmarks when pushing a huge number of pixels.