Information Regarding Samsung’s VR Headset Revealed

While Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus are virtual reality projects everybody knows and anxiously await, Samsung has its own plans. The difference is, Samsung is apparently keeping it on the low with information about what the company is working on. This does not stop leaks and clues from surfacing it appears.

Rumors are that a patent filled by the South Korean giant back in August 2013 has emerged with detailed information on what they are currently working on. It states that the gadget is to be a “a device that is worn by a user and displays an image in front of the user’s eyes in a virtual reality system or an augmented reality system”.

Furthermore, the VR headset / gadget is to simulate an image at a “predetermined distance” from the user, having images created and displayed to each of the users’ eyes. In addition, the two modules are said to be set at a “predetermined angle” to be able to focus the user’s sight in a “target position”.

OLED and LCD panels are also mentioned by Samsung inside the patent, therefore we might assume that the technology in question will be used to create the image with the help of a smartphone attached to the VR headset. The gadget is also said to require a connection to a certain device, creating the possibility of it being just a frame holder for a device.

TweakTown also reported some time ago about the VR headset having to be powered by Android. In addition to Samsung handset running mostly on Android, this could very well point to the fact that the VR headset will most likely be a gadget for a user’s Samsung handset. But these are just speculations at the moment.

Whether we will see a frame holder gadget or a fully fledged VR headset gear powered by Android, time will have to reveal more of Samsung’s secrets.

Thank you TweakTown for providing us with this information
Image courtesy of TweakTown