Indian Army Tracks Spy Drones For 6 Month, Turns Out They Were Just Planets

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This sounds a little too silly to be believable but it seems the Indian Army have spent roughly six months watching, tracking and documenting the movements of what they believed were two Chinese spy drones, when they were in fact watching the planets Jupiter and Venus!

The level of incompetence here is absolutely incredible and it makes you wonder just how many people in a position of power there actually have a grasp of our own solar system and night sky, let alone any clue as to what could be a spy drone, not a huge gas giant planet millions of miles away…

The two unknown objects appeared in the night sky sometime in August 2012, the Telegraph Calcutta reported that the Indian army made 329 sightings of these objects between the first sighting and February 2013, yet in that time the had not come to the conclusion that they were planets orbiting the sun. Instead the determined that on 155 occasions the apparent drones were in violation of the Line of Actual Control that separates China and India.

Of course this was all straightened out 6 months later when the army finally contacted astronomers at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Bangalore, who are likely still rolling around dying of laughter.

“The astronomers were told that the first object, viewed from a location about 4,715 metres above sea level near Thakung, appeared in the horizon at about 6pm and remained visible until about 5am. The second object appeared at 4am and faded away at 11am.” said Telegraph Calcutta.

Jumping to conclusions really can be a dangerous thing, but the fact that this went on for 6 months is somewhat frightening.

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Image courtesy of BBC.

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7 Comments on Indian Army Tracks Spy Drones For 6 Month, Turns Out They Were Just Planets

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    No. I can’t believe it. Those two planets are visible to the naked eye if you know where to look. The boneheads. I’m surprised they actually had the sense contact the astrophysicists before cutting loose with a couple of missiles.

  • Avatar Chris Redfield says:

    somewhere some Pakistani is laughing so hard.

  • Avatar t says:

    Having worked with Indian outsourcing firms on multiple occasions, I can easily believe this.

  • Avatar James_Locke says:

    And thus the Indian Space Program was born

  • Avatar flowirin says:

    can’t see what the problem is. they tracked, then got feedback. they didn’t do anything else. the fact they knew nothing about planets is funny, but then there a millions of people who don’t, unless they load up the app on their phones.

    • Avatar Psymøn says:

      But dude, they tracked it for 6 months before figuring out it was just a planet. Sure, after a little while of tracking and researching it and finding out it was just Jupiter and Venus is understandable… but 6 months… c’mon. And you shouldn’t compare the general population to the Indian Army. That’s an insult to the Indian Army, lol.

  • Avatar King tut says:

    lol and i thought our pak army was abit thick. what did Einstein say? “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

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