India Launches Their First Mars Bound Missions

India have just made a move that could see them enter into the interplanetary leagues as they launch their first rocket with a payload destined for the red planet. Of course their new Mars mission has to be successful for them to be classed along side the other countries that made it to the planet. Many have tried and only three countries have ever succeeded in the past. The Soviet Union attempted it in the 60’s, so did America, Japan took their shot in 90’s and Europe didn’t join the race until 2003. The most recent attempt was of course China in 2011.

India’s “Mars Orbiter Mission” is a satellite that will search the Martian atmosphere for chemicals such as methane. It will reach the red planet in about 300 days, but it still has to beat the odds that less than half of all Mars bound missions thus far have been successful.

At around $72 million the Mars Orbiter Mission is relatively cheap, and if successful could really help boost the countries aerospace industry. This would also put them ahead of China in some sectors since their mission for Mars didn’t get beyond earth orbit.

Thank you Engadget for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Engadget.