Incredible Unreal Engine 4 Engine Tech Demos Now Available For Download

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Remember the truly incredible Unreal Engine 4 technology demo which launched last year? Well know you can download it, as well as several other impressive graphics technology demos to try out for yourself. Not only are the demos technically impressive, but they also offer us gamers a first hand look at how the engine can bring improvements to our games, most important of which are the massive advancement in global lighting.

The Elemental tech demo isn’t the exact same one we say in the trailers, it looks like it has been cobbled together by a few developers just to let us have a quick tinker and sneaky peak at the new engine. There is no installer, but you can extract the files for the demo and modify the launch settings via a very easy to understand .ini file. Remember to install the VC++ 2013 runtime that is included in the downloads too, if you haven’t already. From that point on you just run the required batch file in the folder and enjoy the stunning graphics.

Remember that Unreal Engine 4 scales really well, so it should run on some slightly older hardware, but you’re really only going to see the full benefits of these demos on newer hardware (eg; GTX 6xx / AMD 7xxx and up) as that will be capable of the effects being generated.

Download for Elemental Tech Demo

Download for Five More Tech Demos

Remember there will be a few rough edges here, these aren’t final gaming products and I’ve seen people crying out about texture quality on some parts. This isn’t a sales pitch, the software is there to demonstrate the processing that is going on in the scenes, so those of you with a tiny understanding of the workings of game engines will enjoy it more.

Thank you Techpowerup for providing us with this information.

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  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I’ll take your word for it that it’s going to look great. I can’t be bothered downloading those big files and I’ll see the tech demo’s soon enough anyway. Thanks for the info though.

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