Inateck Headphones Roundup Review

Final Thoughts


All three of these headphones/headsets are available from Amazon where you’ll find they’re sold directly by Inateck. The prices below are the MSRP, but if you check the store, they had a sale on at time of writing, putting these close to half price.

  • Aries Dynamic Driver Headphones – £39.99
  •  – £29.99
  • Taurus Wireless Sport Headphones – £59.99


Inateck has been working hard this last couple of years to build their brands and get more recognition, and from what we’ve seen so far, they’re on the right track to success. We’ve seen a fair few great products from them in the past, such as the MercuryBox Speaker, HDD Docking Station and their Bluetooth keyboard, to name but a few. Time and time again they’ve delivered great looking products, with nice build quality and competitive prices. Most important of all, they’ve also delivered competitive performance, and that’s especially true today.

All three sets of headphones/headsets were certainly impressive and it’s hard to find one that stands out from the other, as they all have their possitive qualities. The acoustic performance on them all is great, but for the avid mobile music listener, Id have to suggest the wireless models most of all, as they look stunning with that chrome finish and they pack a very powerful sound.

The Aries have impressive build quality and design, with crystal clear sound that is fantastic for some music and phone calls on the go, especially if you’re not keen on the wireless approach; they’re every competitively priced too.

The real star of the show, however, has to be the more affordable of the pack; the Hi-Fi headphones. Their Zebra Wood finish looks absolutely stunning, but also makes them super lightweight, comfortable to wear and they sound rather fantastic.

  • Pros
  • Competitive prices
  • Great designs
  • Excellent build quality and choice of materials
  • Built-in microphone (Aries/Taurus)
  • Lightweight (Hi-Fi)


  • None

Aries Dynamic Driver Headphones

Taurus Wireless Sport Headphones

Wood In-ear Hi-Fi Headphone