Inateck Headphones Roundup Review


All three of these headsets/headphones are clearly quite different with varying applications overall. The Aries are well suited to day-to-day mobile users, not just as headphones, but also as a hands-free chat headset, thanks to the built-in on-cable microphone function. The microphone may only be a pinhole mic, but the quality is easily on par with any others I have ever tested, offering up clear and detailed audio and picking up minimal background noise, making it well suited to noisier environments.

The Aries have a powerful and clear sound to them. They don’t offer up quite as much bass as I had hoped, but they’re certainly not lacking and offer a fairly balanced sound overall. They’re a lot more focused when it comes to voice chat or audio books and give off a warm and natural sound to them, but still pack enough punch if you’re wanting to listen to a few albums too.

The wireless pairing on the Taurus was easily done, allowing me to get up and testing very quickly. They require three hours to charge completely via Micro-USB, but are good for up to eight hours of use from there on; more than enough for a day at work as it’s doubtful you’ll need them for the entire day. The larger housing of the drivers doesn’t feel uncomfortable to wear, quite the opposite in fact. The 8mm drivers pack a heck of a punch too, at maximum volume, you can expect a very powerful and punchy sound that handles music really well, with a good amount of bass and no distortion. They’re great for calls too, with a quality microphone and good acoustics for a conversation. Finally, the ear buds hold nice and secure when you’re out and about, although you’ll want to use the magnets to wear them around your neck if you plan on anything too active; such as jumping up and down.

Finally, we’ve got the wooden hi-fi’s and while I wouldn’t have expected it, these are my favourite. They’re cheap, they’re lightweight and they look pretty cool, but they pack a pretty well-rounded sound to them too. The bass, mid and treble are all well-defined, making them a joy to use when listening to your music. They don’t have the microphone functions of the other two, they are just headphones, but still great to use regardless. Their lightweight design means they feel pretty secure too and you get really get on the move without them falling out.