Inateck Headphones Roundup Review

A Closer Look – Hi-Fi Headphones

These headphones come in a much more budget friendly packaging, so there’s not really much in the way of extras. In the box, you’ll find the headphones, as well as two extra sets of ear buds in different sizes, so finding the set that fits you best should be nice and easy.

What’s really cool about these headphones is that the driver housing is made from Zebra Wood. This gives them a really lightweight design, that looks and feels fantastic, but also has an effect on the acoustic properties of the drivers.

“What is the most important thing to headphones? A well-rounded and clear sound! BH1105 is not only superbly balanced but also offers awesome bass, trebles and ear protection. The Zebra Wood pumps up your sound to an orchestral-like level. Bring a concert with you wherever you go.” – Inateck

The wood looks really nice, a stylish change from the often black or grey plastics we see on so many other headphones, and while I’m not saying headphones have to be a style choice, these certainly look the part.

These a small bit of silver trim between the wood and the ear bud too, providing a more durable fitting for the ear buds.

The ear buds are easily to install/replace, making them easy to clean and maintain. Behind them you can see we’ve got a good size opening for the drivers, so hopefully we’ll get a pretty big sound of them too.