Inateck Headphones Roundup Review

A Closer Look – Aries

The Aries come nicely packaged with a protective carry pouch for those who travel a lot. It’s quite slim too, so it should easily fit in your pocket or hand luggage without any issues.

In the pouch, you’ll find two extra sets of ear buds while a third comes pre-installed. These are to tailor the fit to ensure they’re secure and comfortable while also helping to tune the optimal noise isolation from the drivers. There’s a shirt clip, as well as a very welcome flight adaptor for planes that still use the old-school dual mono connectors.

Equipped with a 130cm cable, the Aries have more than enough length to run from your backpack or a mobile device tucked in your pockets, ensuring you’ve got more than enough manoeuvrability. The addition of the shirt clip will also help ensure the cable doesn’t swing loose away from your body while walking around.

The cable design is stunning, using a PSU Aluminium Foil design that is coated in durable clear plastic, giving it a snake-skin like effect, but also giving it great flexibility and durability. The connector housing is nice and slim and comes finished with a gold-plated 4-pole 3.5mm jack, allowing use of the on-cable microphone for supporting devices.

The built-in microphone is located about 1ft down the cable, putting it at optimal hight for hands-free phone calls. There’s also a multi-function button that can be used to answer/reject calls, as well as being used as a multimedia control.

The drivers looks stunning, with a lightweight and durable aluminium housing, with a genuine wooden back-end on the drivers, which gives them a unique premium look and feel.

The ear buds can easily be removed for cleaning or to change them for the other sizes included in the box.

Overall, this is a lovely looking set of headphones and the build quality is far better than I had expected given their price range; it’s clear that Inateck put a lot of effort into the design here.