Inateck HB3001G OTG 3-Port USB Hub and Card Reader Review

Final Thoughts & Pricing


The Inateck HB3001G is a very useful gadget to own, as we’ve clearly seen demonstrated on the previous pages, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pay a lot to get it. Amazon has it in stock for £12.99, $12.99, and €12.99 at the time of writing.


I’ve had a few Inateck products through here and so far I’ve been impressed every time. This time is no different and the HB3001G OTG Card Reader and USB Hub is a really cool gadget to have around and one that I’ll keep using for sure. Every Android device is different, but most newer models support OTG.

The USB hub read any flash drive and mobile storage I threw at it, allowing for easy backup of files from your smart device and directly onto a more permanent or portable medium. The card reader worked equally well and has the benefit to support cards that your device doesn’t – or you just don’t want to open it up to access the microSD card slot.

Touchscreens aren’t my friend, but OTG is. The ability to connect a normal USB keyboard and mouse, both wired and wireless, allow me to use my normal peripheral devices and increase my productivity. Again the Inateck HB3001G performed flawlessly with any device I’ve tried.

The design isn’t anything special, but it’s effective. The surface seems to attract dust a bit, but that might just have been a problem for me. One thing I would have liked differently is the additional power cord. It is relative short, a bit longer would make it a lot more practical, like with microUSB cables.


  • Increases productivity on smart devices
  • Supports almost any form of storage
  • Extra power to ensure stability for multiple devices
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse support


  • Short power cable

“The Inateck HB3001G OTG Hub and Card Reader is a gadget I won’t stopping using anytime soon. It’s great for increasing both the usability and productivity of your device, making it the perfect partner for smartphones or tablets.”

Inateck HB3001G OTG 3-Port USB Hub and Card Reader Review

Thanks to Inateck for providing us with this sample