Inateck FE2007 USB 3.0 Drive Enclosure with 3-Port Hub Review

USB Hub Performance

Testing the USB performance of a hub is a straight forward task. We are not as much interested in the maximum possible speeds, but whether the USB hub will have any impact on our overall transfers speeds when compared to a direct connection.

I will first connect the SSD to the USB hub and test it with several applications after which it will be connected to the same onboard USB port instead of the hub. I will run the same tests again and compare the results, giving you an easy view on the performance impact, if any.

ATTO Disk Benchmark





The USB 3.0 hub performed just as great as the SATA port did. We barely see any differences between a direct connection to the motherboard and a connection through the Inateck FE2007 USB 3.0 hub.