Inateck FD2002 HDD Docking and Cloning Station Review

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Offline Clone Function


The offline clone function works like a charm and is just as easy to use as pressing a button, because that’s all you have to do. Insert the two drives into the FD2002 cloning station where drive A is the source and drive B is the target. Make sure your USB cable is unplugged and power on the device. Press a the clone button and it’s running.

Actually you have to hold the button until the light turns on and then press it again before the light turns out. An added safety against accidental cloning of drives and potential data loss due to it. The LEDs will flash as it progresses and turn solid when each step is completed. You can power down the FD2002 and safely remove your drives once the 100% light is solid lit.

First I tried it with a couple 250GB 7200 RPM server drives to get a quick result, and it was flawless right away. The next obvious test was with my 6TB WD RED NAS drives as the large capacity is supported. It took quite a long time for the process to finish, but it worked like a charm once again.

Don’t be fooled by the ease of use, thinking that the process is just as fast as it is easy. It takes quite some time to clone a drive, sector by sector. So the speed really comes down to what the inserted drives can handle and the result is a flawless copy each time.

There are some restrictions when it comes to cloning. The target will need to have enough capacity to store the data and as mentioned the docking stations can’t be attached to a USB port when the process is running or it will be interrupted.

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