Inateck BP2001 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

Final Thoughts


The Inateck BP2001 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Portable Speaker is certainly affordable, as it is price at just £36.99 on or via the official product page. This is very good value for money given the features on offer, as I’ve seen similar performance speakers cost more and a lot of tablet stands cost almost as much; getting both included for a single price is certainly a bonus.


As I said before, sometimes you just want a device that gets the job done and you want it at a reasonable price; the Inateck Bluetooth speaker fits this profile perfectly. I’ve owned better wireless speakers, that are great for traveling and taking on picnics, even ones that look cooler, but they’ve often cost twice as much as this model. I’ve had ones that are louder or that offer more bass, but they’re often designed for small parties and other social occasions. The Inateck is designed for home or office use and it works perfectly in that sort of environment. It’s perfect for keeping in your bedroom, kitchen or even taking out into the garden.

The wireless functionality is a little limited given that there are no volume controls directly on the device, but this is traded with the tablet/phone slot on the top of the speaker, as your touch screen will be within easy reach and you can control your multimedia that way. The added bonus of the kick stand at the back is a very welcome one, as it helps keep the device stable; as the last thing you want is your tablet taking a tumble.

Build quality is very good overall and the design of the speaker is pleasing to the eye without being obtrusive. The control button on the front is easy to use and it’s nicely designed too, certainly smart enough to have on your desktop.


  • Good build quality
  • Built-in tablet/phone mount
  • Kickstand for extra stability
  • Clear audio
  • Bluetooth/AUX input
  • Rechargeable
  • Competitive price


  • None

“If you need a good quality hands-free speaker for calls and music, the Inateck is perfect for the job. It’s nicely designed and the tablet stand is a great bonus feature. The rechargeable design and wireless features make it both practical and functional for use around the home or office.”

Inateck BP2001 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

Thank you Inateck for providing us with this sample.