Inateck BP2001 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review


Setting up the Inateck speaker was extremely easy, I simply turned the master power switch on at the back and held the control button at the front to have it go into Bluetooth pairing mode. My Nvidia Shield Tablet and in later tests, my Sony Xperia Z3 and an iPad Air, all found the device straight away and paired up with zero issues.

The first thing I tried was the speaker performance. I blasted out a few of my favorite tracks and overall I think the sound quality is pretty good. It’s not as bass heavy as some mobile speakers, but it does have a bright and clear sound overall. While I wouldn’t be deploying this at a party to entertain guests anytime soon, it’s got more than enough power to enjoy at home or in the office. Sound quality is clear, but it’s not as loud as I thought it would be given its relative size. It’s still loud enough to rock out, but not so loud that your next door neighbor will hate you; so maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Where the speaker really stands out is for hands-free calls. The bright sound gives a clear and natural sound to voice calls. If you need to keep your hands on your keyboard, or in my case, busy making a cup of tea, then you’ll appreciate the extra volume and range you get for your hands free calls. I can get right to the other side of my office and still chat clearly with the speaker enabled and only a few feet from my phone before things sound distant and unclear.