In Win Reveal The “904” Aluminium And Glass Mid Tower Chassis

In Win have just released the first details of their next chassis design. As you may already know, In Win don’t really make their premium cases by the same standards are other chassis manufacturers, often thinking outside of the box and creating some truly love them or hate them products that are unlike anything else before it.

We’ve already see the D-Frame which was designed around a motorbike chassis, the Tao which we recently reviewed that was designed around glass office blocks and architecture, not to mention the H-Frame which must have been based on a Transformers foot or something equally amusing.

This new one blends traits from both the Tao and the H-Frame, combining massive amounts of sleek 4mm aluminium alloy with 5mm thick tinted tempered glass on the side.

There are some interesting design features here such as the back cover that covers the ports on the back of your computer with an aluminium panel, of course there is also a large amount of clearance under there for airflow, radiators and more, but all while maintaining a clean look on all sides of the chassis.

Cable management looks particularly robust and the clean looks get even better with hidden aluminium dust filters in the base, some interesting radiator mounting solutions, vertical hard drive bays where you typically find the 5.25″ bays, while the actual 5.25″ bay is hidden in the base.

In Win don’t have a release date at this time, but I would expect to hear more in the coming weeks. Price is expect to be under £200 at this time, but these things do change over time, so I wouldn’t even guess at the final RRP at this time.

Thank you In Win for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of In Win.