In Win Launches Its Revolutionary tòu PC Chassis

In Win are one of the leading innovators in the PC market, especially when it comes to design. Their ultra-exclusive, tempered glass concept chassis, the tòu, is easily their greatest example of this. There is simply nothing else like it on the market and while we’ve seen it at a few trade shows it’s not been fully available for purchase, until now!

Priced at $799 it is certainly one of the more expensive chassis products on the market, but if you’ve seen one of these in person, or even read our review of it, you’ll quickly understand why the price is so high. This isn’t so much a chassis as it is something that belongs in an art gallery.

Demonstrated at Computex 2013 to great acclaim, appropriately, tòu is the Chinese word for Transparent, as the tòu’s reflective surface can be made instantly see through when lit from inside, with its integrated LED array.

With carry handles either end the tòu is easily transportable, while internally it supports ATX, micro ATX motherboards with up to 380mm graphics cards, extra-long 220mm PSUs, one 5.25” drive, three 3.5” HDD and two 2.5” SSD. The top 3x120mm fans are specifically designed to support liquid cooling systems, while its capacitive touch panel includes four levels of LED brightness control, fan speed control and its power switch.

There are just a few hundred of the tempered glass and aluminium alloy framed tòu chassis available, with each case individually numbered. In reflection of its high-quality of materials and innovative engineering, the tòu’s MSRP is $799 USD. Local prices in your region may differ.

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Thank you In Win for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of In Win.