How to Improve Your Xbox One to PC Stream Quality

Microsoft has been steadily grouping the Xbox brand and Windows 10 together with a renewed focus on gaming. Back in January, streaming functionality between Xbox and PC was added which allowed you to play Xbox One games on multiple devices. The main caveat is you still had to own an Xbox One console which made this move pointless to a number of PC Gamers. While the streaming software has tons of potential, the video quality is quite average and based on a compressed video stream.

Thanks to Reddit user, OomaThurman (Fantastic name), there is a manual fix to increase the streaming quality and reach speeds of 20mbps. This provides a clearer, sharper image and while not groundbreaking, is a very noticeable difference. To alter the video feed quality from High to Very High, please follow these instructions:

Locate the Xbox App folder and open “userconsoledata” with a text editor such as Notepad++. This folder should be placed in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.XboxApp_~~~~~~\LocalState. If you cannot access the folder, ensure “Show hidden files and folders” is checked in Windows’ folder options. Now, press Control and F, and type “IsInternalPreview”. Once you have found this entry, change the flag to “true”; there may be multiple entries which need changing.

Next, you should be able to select the Very High preset and stream to your PC in maximum quality. Redditer, Chickern provided two images showing World of Tanks in action and compared High with Very High. The top image shows the High preset while the bottom is a Very High stream, or is it? I’ll let you decide! Our editor Peter tested it out too and reported a leap from 720p stream to 1080p@60fps in Forza 5.