ID-Cooling T60-SFX Mini-ITX Gaming Chassis Review

Complete System

Building a system inside this chassis was no easy task, sure the case is simple enough in terms of design, but limited space is always tricky to work with. Mounting the PSU felt like it needed three hands, but on the plus side, you’re likely to only need to ever do this once. The main issue I had was a big one! There are two expansion slot covers on the GPU mounting, the first was fitted with a standard screw, the second used a Torx T6 screw, this is a major problem for a lot of people, as most consumer don’t have a Torx screw driver set just lying around. I can’t fathom any situation why they’ve done this, but they did, so keep it in mind.

Screw’s aside, the final build looks pretty good, sure the cable management looks a little scruffy, but that’s thanks in no small part to the use of a non-modular PSU.

There’s a good amount of space down here for excess cables, so those passive air holes are going to work rather well regardless.

There’s even more space up top for a few cables should you need it.

The PSU cable does trail over the CPU cooler a little, but it’s unlikely to cause airflow issues. The only problem you might have is if it touches a fan blade, but a quick cable tie will keep it out of the way should you need to.

The GPU has good clearance from the base of the chassis and will benefit from the lower vents on the side panels, as well as the plentiful ventilation on the base of the chassis.

Overall, a fairly decent looking build and good passive airflow around all major components.

The hard drive mounted on the vertical mount easy enough, then it should only take you a moment or two to hook up the required cables for it.

All panels back in place and the build is complete, a super compact and stylish exterior with a perfectly capable gaming system housed within.