ID-Cooling SE 204K CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find reliable UK pricing information at the time of writing, hopefully, this will change in the near future and we will update this section. Those in the US can pick up the SE-204K from Newegg for $44.99.



ID-Cooling is still relatively new to the market, so stock availability is clearly still an issue, especially here in the UK. Of course, if you can find it at a decent price, it’s competitive enough, but that really depends on the price. In the UK, I wouldn’t hope to pay anything over £25 for this cooler.

The ID-Cooling SE-204K is a nicely designed cooler and it wouldn’t look out-of-place in most systems, especially since the black and red theme has proven a popular, if somewhat overused choice, for most component manufacturers motherboards and graphics cards.

Build quality is decent, the cooler feels robust and while not the easiest to mount, it’s far from being the hardest to work with either. One big advantage is that it doesn’t interfere with ram clearance, which is good news for those of you who have tall RAM modules.

Performance is average, but there’s no shame in that. Again, if you can find it at the right price and you don’t plan on overclocking your processor too hard, or at all, then the SE-204K has more than enough cooling performance for most systems. It’s also reasonably quiet and for any mid-range gaming system, it’ll do the job nicely.


  • Good cooling performance at stock clocks
  • OK acoustic performance
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent RAM clearance


  • Limited availability in some regions
  • Not idea for overclocking

“The ID-Cooling SE-204K is a reliable mid-range CPU cooler that would look great in most system builds. It’s not perfect for overclocking, but at the right price, it could be a competitive cooler for those on a tighter budget”

Thank you ID-Cooling for providing us with this sample.