ID-Cooling Hunter VC-Twin CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts


Frustratingly, I couldn’t find stock of this item with major UK retailers at the time of writing. The price is believed to be just under the £40 mark, but with no stock at reputable retailers, that doesn’t mean a darn thing. If you can find stock at this price, it’s a decent enough deal for those not looking to apply heavy overclocks.


I really like this cooler, despite the fact that it’s not even the best performer in its respective price range. What wins for ID-Cooling in this market is the aesthetics. The jet black design and those lovely looking fans are a nice curve ball to the current crop of silver and brighter coloured coolers on the market, and one that could really complete the picture of an aggressive black and red gaming build.

The build quality is pretty rock solid throughout, with a heavy duty look and feel that’s sure to last a long time. The fans are of a good quality and have thick anti-vibration rubber mounts that can help keep some additional noise to a minimum and the mounting kit is easy enough to use, and feels extremely secure once installed. However, perhaps ID-Cooling have over engineered this cooler, as the size of the heat pipes, two cooling towers and twin fans just don’t seem to be bringing the performance we would have expected for a cooler of this size.

If you’re not overclocking heavily, you’re running your CPU with boost clocks, or even just running a none overclockable CPU, then this cooler certainly has what it takes to keep things cool and quiet. The stock performance is competitive, and the fans were reasonably quiet to suit a good system build.  If you are overclocking, it’s worth investing in a more expensive model to suit your needs.


  • Aggressive aesthetics
  • Good quality fans included
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonable price


  • Limited stock availability
  • Not ideal for overclocking

“The VC-Twin is great for those who want to match up the common black and red colours of modern PC gaming hardware, with a stylish aesthetic that will look great in many system builds. The performance could be better, but if you’re not overclocking too much, you’ll be very happy with what ID-Cooling have to offer here.”

Thank you ID-Cooling for providing us with this sample.