ID-Cooling Hunter VC-Twin CPU Cooler Review


Stock performance on the VC-Twin is certainly promising, nothing groundbreaking either, but it’s sitting around the same rate as a few great AIO water coolers and the Noctua NH-D15; all more expensive than this cooler from ID-Cooling.

When overclocked, the cooler doesn’t hold up quite as well, running a little warmer than I expected. Sure, it’s still enough to keep the CPU overclocked, but I’d be inclined to suggest it wasn’t kept at full load for extended periods, or running a less aggressive overclock. To be honest, this is about what I expected given the price of the cooler and in that respect, it’s reasonably competitive.

The noise levels are fairly average, quiet enough for you not to really notice, but not exactly close to the leaders of acoustic performance, such as Noctua and be quiet!.

Same story here, the cooling fans had to work fairly hard to keep the temperatures down when overclocked and even then, the OC cooling performance wasn’t exactly amazing. There’s a noticeable level of air turbulence to be heard.