ID-COOLING Announced IS-VC45 Vapor Chamber SFF CPU Cooler

Cooling SFF and other compact systems isn’t always an easy task and as such it’s great to see ID-COOLING releasing their newly developed Vapor Chamber CPU Cooler for Mini-ITX system, the IS-VC45.

Small form factor PCs get more and more powerful with each generation and along comes the need for better cooling solutions to squeeze out that extra performance and prevent thermal throttling. With a vapor chamber base to draw heat immediately from the processor, the tiny IS-VC45 is able to handle CPUs with TDP up to 130W. And it only measures 94×92×45mm so this cooler can fit into pretty much any mini-ITX systems just as easy as any stock cooler.

The IS-VC45 is built with high-density aluminium fins that are soldered to the vapor chamber base. It comes equipped with a slim 92mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan that has a variable speed between 600 and 2500RPM (14.0-33.0dBA) with PWM function.

The 330gram heavy cooler supports Intel Socket LGA1150/1155/1156 and Socket LGA2011 and comes with metal screws and backplate for secure mounting.

Thanks to ID-COOLING for providing us with this information